Black Liquor Recovery

Viscosity solution for black liquor recovery (concentration for combustion)

The recovery process can be optimized by burning high solids concentration in the recovery boiler. Viscosity control is crucial in order to stabilize black liquor concentrations prior to entrance in the recovery boiler.

In manufacturing and production, unstable black liquor concentration generates waste or over consumption, energy costs elevate, increased stack emissions, frequent maintenance operations and downtime.

The installation of an inline process viscometer - MIVI sensor - after the evaporator / concentrator allows dry extract regulation in the black liquor, letting it either follow operations or return to the evaporation column.


Key product characteristics

  • No drift in time
  • Many mounting possibilities to avoid clogging
  • Sensor adapts various black liquor compositions

Recovery boiler optimization including viscosity control, indicates a 3 to 20% reduction of water wash frequency.

The installation of the MIVI inline process viscometer accurately controls the desired level of black liquor concentration and standardizes the supply of black liquor for efficient combustion. Studies show that routine monitoring of black liquor viscosity in global optimization processes can save mills more than $1,000,000 per year.

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