Heavy fuel oils (HFO)

Combustion Application - Viscosity solutions for heavy fuel oil products (HFO)


Proper fuel oil spraying ensures combustion efficiency with minimal particles emission and requires a specified viscosity.

If the droplet size is not optimized, HFO burning presents problems: unburned fuel, residue and clogging causing over-consumption and emissions. Variations in fuel composition affect viscosity and temperature parameters. The need to realize viscosity control is crucial.

The MIVI process viscometer and controller instantly assure correct constant in-line viscosity at the outlet by activating the heater component, which stabilizes viscosity changes.


Key product characteristics

  • Robust over time
  • No moving parts
  • No maintenance

After the installation of one MIVI sensor in a central heater boiler with mechanical sprayings, combustion parameters are stabilized up to 1% and fuel consumption savings reached more than 1%.

In usual combustion processes, the Sofraser MIVI viscometer provides ROI within less than 4 months.

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Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Sofraser sensors deliver instantaneous measurement and efficient analysis such as dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, concentration, phase detection, density etc.

Whatever the industry, our experienced team understands and develops solutions for numerous applications."

Dr Philippe BURG
Sales & Applications Manager