Food, Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries


Many processes of the pharmaceutical, biotech or food and beverage industries are concerned and can be optimized thanks to Sofraser inline viscosity measurement solutions, specially designed with sanitary mountings. 

The compact MIVI process 
viscometer works in any position, even fully immersed, and can be mounted in existing installations without expensive adaptation.


Texture, consistency, enzymatic power, concentration (including water content, dry extract) are common viscosity correlations used in biotech, pharma, food and beverage industries.

As viscosity changes the flow properties of a liquid, influences the appearance and the consistency of a product, viscosity measurement is essential in most production stages.

Whether in the food or the pharmaceutics industry, the sanitary conditions must be fully respected. The sanitary design on equipment is required in any application where contamination is a risk. 


   Manufacturer’s mains objectives are:

- To constantly monitor and prevent products variations

- To obtain a better end-product quality and consistency

- To improve hygienic design, enhancing cleanability, decreasing

  the risk of biological, physical and chemical contamination

- To prevent and monitor product variations

- To control and enhance product safety for customers


 Sofraser MIVI viscometer, for sanitary applications

 - A viscosity sensor specially designed for SANITARY environment (according to 3A specifications)
  with no niche spaces

- Increased safety by AVOIDING CONTAMINATION and bacteria proliferation

 - CLEAN-IN-PLACE design (CIP), no need to uninstall it from the process

 - Corrosion resistant (316L SS) and compatible with sanitizing procedures

 - Many mounting positions to AVOID DEAD SPACES

 - High pressure version and/or eletropolish finishing available

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Most common applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries:

- Gelatin capsules
- Enzymes, protein
- Skincare, lotions, toothpastes...

Most common applications in food and beverage industry:

- Concentration (dry extract, water content, ...)
- Spray drying
- Cooking, mixing, fermentation, phase detection

- Milk, cheese, yoghurt, whey
- Emulsions, sauces, dressings, pastes, mashes
- Additives, oils, gels, gelatins, molasses, sludges, starches, sugar, yeasts...

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"Sofraser sensors deliver instantaneous measurement and efficient analysis such as dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, concentration, phase detection, density etc.

Whatever the industry, our experienced team understands and develops solutions for numerous applications."

Dr Philippe BURG
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