Inline viscometer for extrusion

The Soflux viscometer is the first direct inline viscosity sensor for extrusion machinery.
The sensing part is directly inserted in the extruder stream.


Controlling the viscosity of melted polymers or elastomers in real time is the ideal solution to bring precious process information in order to set up and adjust the optimum extrusion parameters, and consequently realize process savings in material, labor, time and money.

Material ingredients adjustment of the polymer, melting temperature, extrusion 
speed and pressure are many of the parameters influencing the final quality of the extruded polymer. 

Consult our application note: inline viscometer measurement on plastics extrusion machinery


The Soflux viscosity sensor is a vibrating inline process viscometer with a dedicated shape allowing easy integration into any plastic, polymer or elastomer extruder.

It is the ideal solution to monitor any extrusion process even the most 
demanding like specialty compounding, recycling, reactive extrusion...

Sofraser new inline viscometer measures the viscosity 
directly in the extruder streamwith no derivation and has been designed to facilitate the fluid’s flow inside the pipe.


  Soflux viscometer sofraser patented   Soflux-extrusion-viscometer    





Customized development to fit equipment 
requirements and meet industry standards.
Adaptable to any size of screws.

Robust, reliable and maintenance-free

Resistant to HIGH PRESSURE and large 
temperature range:

- Very high viscosities: above 10 000 000 mPa.s
- High pressures: up to 350 bar 
- High temperatures: up to 350°C


viscosity measurement directly in the extrusion stream

 Correlation to MFI, IV,...

 UNPRECEDENTED VERSATILITY:  designed to address 

an extensive range of applications

  Easy to handle


  Analogue and digitals outputs (4-20 mA, RS 485)


Intranet Access

Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Sofraser sensors deliver instantaneous measurement and efficient analysis such as dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, concentration, phase detection, density etc.

Whatever the industry, our experienced team understands and develops solutions for numerous applications."

Dr Philippe BURG
Sales & Applications Manager