Marine HFO and Marine diesel Oil



Precise regulation of fuel oil spray - diesel and heavy fuel oil - in wide viscosity and temperature ranges requires continuous and accurate viscosity measurement and control.

Switching from HFO to marine distillate with high viscosity differences can result in uncertain transition times and compromise temperature and viscosity stabilization in the engine.

The installation of a vibrating inline process viscometer – Sofraser OEM viscosity sensor – and the associated electronic controller in a fuel conditioning module allows MDO to HFO changeover from viscosity to temperature control.


Key product characteristics

  • Standard dual fuel operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Uncomplicated access to wetted part

Process viscometer performance indicates a precision of 1% even in actual, regulated conditions.

HFO combustion installations on vessels provide remarkable improvement. The viscosity control system runs seamlessly after installation and requires no maintenance whatsoever. It is a start-and-forget syste.

Intranet Access

Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Forty years of viscosity expertise result in Sofraser’s success as the most innovative process viscometer manufacturer.

As a testament to that achievement, our sensor's technology is the benchmark for thousands of industries worldwide."

Dr. Luc K. Bellière, President