OEM viscosity measurement range

Designed for process machinery


    for coating and printing machines

- All in one sensor, with integrated electronics

- Includes fixed or removable measuring chamber for small pipes

- Suitable to flexographic printing machines, packaging machines, coating machines...

    for very high pressure applications

- Resistant to downhole pressures up to 1900 bar

- Resistant to temperature up to 300°C

- Suits oil and gas harsh conditions such as fracturing (hydraulic fracturing) and other processes

- It's a feat! Sofeat!

    for plastics and polymers extrusion

- First inline viscometer to be directly insderted into extruder stream

- New sensor geometry patented, facilitates fluid's flow without clogging



    marine viscometer for HFO/MDO regulation

- Reference viscometer on more than 3000 ships

- New release of simultaneous viscosity and density measurement

Intranet Access

Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Based on Sofraser's technological knowledge and advanced patents, Sofraser OEM solutions assure that, in almost every production environment, process performance will be enhanced by allowing immediate viscosity and temperature measurements

Jean-Marie Duboys,
OEM & Key account Manager