Solvent-based varnish for electronic components (PCB)

Coating Application - Viscosity solution for electronic boards' solvent – based coating (PCB)


Solvent dosage, a flow characteristic of the coating solution, requires precise adjustment and can be regulated. By maintaining a constant viscosity, varnish coating uniformity is achieved.

A non-homogeneous coating (excessively thick or thin), causes major issues. A company's reputation can be compromised due to customer claims regarding poor product quality, and a company's overhead will increase due to inefficient production and losses in raw materials.

Installation a MIVI process viscometer on the coating circulation loop allows timely solvent dosage injection to the base resin throughout the entire production batch or process.


PCBs dipped in a resin base coating and solidified at room temperature gave the following results:

  • 100% quality in coating uniformity
  • Optimization of base resin
  • Reduced solvent consumption

The inline MIVI viscosity sensor provides constant varnish viscosity measurements, reduces the consumption of raw materials, and increases monetary savings regarding time / overhead.

Given the elevated technology and high value of the PCB, a rejected batch, operators' extra time, and consequent production downtime would equal enormous losses.

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