Coatings viscometers

Adaptive and very tolerant

The best way to guarantee quick and good return on investment of coating processes is through quality excellence and drift-free, real-time viscosity management. Specially designed to meet this need, our process viscometers are equipped with the world’s first tuning-type sensor based on a resonance frequency system for ensuring the highest level of quality.

Easing Your Processes

Coatings common constraints

• Material waste due to improper recipe blending for multi-components formulations.
• Product evolution due to solvent evaporation.
• Losses due to excessive product usage.
• Nonconformity due to inhomogeneous or out-of-specification product.

Our solutions allow:

• Provide coating and painting quality and consistency through homogeneity and uniformity.
• Continuously deliver viscosity and temperature information.
• Are compatible with solvents and water-based formulations.
• Are very tolerant to particles.
• Can easily be connected to controllers and installed on coating circulation loops.
• Contain no wearing parts and require very low maintenance.