Oil & Energy viscometers

Unmatchable product quality

Influencing storage, handling and operational conditions, viscosity is the key parameter for Oil & Energy industry. In order to provide the best end-quality possible for our customers, our process viscometers are designed to indicate not only viscosity, but also density, temperature and temperature-compensated viscosity (TCV).

Easing Your Processes

Oil & Energy common constraints

• Quality of petrochemical products and derivatives depends on viscosity characteristics.
• Partial understanding of processes due to lack of monitoring steps.
• Viscosity changes with product quality and process temperature.
• Difficulty to characterize the behavior of reference products.
• Varying origin of crude and refining methods.
• Hazardous environment.

Our solutions allow

• A single sensor able to provide instantaneous measurement and
efficient analysis: dynamic and kinematic viscosity, density and temperature.
• Avoids drift during manufacturing and guarantees end-product quality.
• Processor directly calculates Viscosity at Reference Temperature (TCV).
• Correlated to the ASTM standards.
• Works without maintenance and has no wearing parts.
• Viscosity meter resistant to high-pressure and high-temperature environments (HPHT).

MIVI viscometer