Polymers & Chemicals viscometers

always in control

Because constant adaptation and control are the keys when it comes to polymerization, plastic recycling or latex atomization, we have designed the most accurate viscometers on the market to ease your processes.

Easing Your Processes

Polymerization control common constraints

• Production capacity limited by batch duration.
• Evolution of reaction controlled by costly and time-consuming laboratory measurements.
• Unknown evolution between laboratory controls, affecting final product quality and end-point detection.
• Lack of control, leading to hardening of polymer (loss of production, great material damage)

Our solutions allow

• To increase production through time cycle optimization.
• Better end-point detection.
• Easier monitoring.
• Prevention of mass solidification.
• Reduction of costly and time-consuming laboratory sampling.
• One single sensor able to provide high level of sensitivity over a very large measurement range

mivi viscometer