Polymerization reactions are complex processes in volving reaction mechanisms often difficult to control.
Most resins and specialty polymers are made using batch polymerization with unique recipes that require constant adaptation of manufacturing parameters.

One single sensor able to provide high level of •
sensitivity over a very large measurement range
Optimization of cycle time to increase production •
Better end-point detection and easier reaction monitoring •
Correct viscosity and reaction parameters from beginning to end of •
Prevention of mass solidification •
Reduction of costly and time consuming laboratory sampling •

• Good sensitivity at low viscosity
• High full scale range
• No wearing parts, very low maintenance
• Precise on low and high viscosity
• Included flow damper to laminarize the flow around the sensing element improving stability
• Temperature probe inserted directly in the process line (embedded thermowell)
• Digital and analog outputs
• Digital display
• ATEX d