In Refineries and Petrochemical processes, on-site control is of primary importance in regards to product quality. Viscosity is one of the key parameters of many petroleum products. It influences storage, handling, and operational conditions.
Temperature Compensated Viscosity (TCV) provides viscosity at constant reference temperature and eliminates process temperature variations.

A single sensor able to provide instantaneous • and continuous measurement
Avoids drift during manufacturing and • guarantees end-product quality
Compensates the effect of variable process • temperature
Correlated to the ASTM D445 standard •
Works without maintenance between two plant • overhauls
No need for sample conditioning •

• Processor directly calculates Viscosity at Reference Temperature (TCV)
• Use of either simplified calculations or ASTM D341 formula
• Resistant to high pressure and high temperature
• Included flow damper to laminarize the flow around the sensing element improving stability
• Temperature probe inserted directly in the process line (embedded thermowell)
• Digital and analog outputs
• Digital display