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Application “coating” – Coating of electronic boards

Viscosity measurement in electronic board coating process

The solvent dosage of a coating solution requires precise adjustment in order to achieve uniformity of coating application, reflected by a constant viscosity. An inhomogeneous coating, either too thick or too thin, can be the source of serious problems. A company’s reputation is at stake if too many customer complaints are related to the poor quality of the finished product. Consequently, costs increase due to inefficient production and raw material losses.

The installation of a MIVI process viscometer in the circulation loop of the coating process allows the right amount of solvent to be injected into the base resin at the right time during the entire production process.

The MIVI viscometer works continuously, instantly detecting and correcting any viscosity variation.

Utilisation du viscosimètre MIVI
Viscosity measurement in electronic board coating process

The printed circuit boards are immersed in a resin-based coating that solidifies at room temperature. The uniformity of the coating reaches 100% quality thanks to the inline viscosity measurement, which also allows a reduction of resin and solvent consumption. The MIVI inline viscometer allows the achievement of a constant coating viscosity. It increases process repeatability, coating homogeneity and uniformity, and generates material and time savings.