Robust, precise and reliable, the SOFINE viscometer is dedicated to the coating industry. It works as well on light inks as on viscous products like paints, varnishes and glues.

Replacing the cup measurement, the SOFINE saves man power, avoids human errors and bad production due to drift in time.

It is compatible with any kind of process like dipping, wetting, spraying, brushing…


Product savings •
Real time and continuous process monitoring •
Detects all viscosity changes in the process, even short duration •
Easy mounting •
Time saving avoiding cup measurements •
Avoid errors and drifts between two cup controls •


• Exprof approvals
• High viscosity
• Keeps a high sensitivity in low range even with large full scale range
• Correlation to cups measurement
• Very tolerant to particles
• Easy cleaning (CIP)
• Full scale range at 5000cP in standard
• Analog and digital outputs