Specifically developed for ship fuel conditioning systems, the SOFUEL is the only viscosity and density meter that precisely switches from HFO to MDO in marine combustion control since it has a high sensitivity in low range even with large full scale range.
Its principle proofed on board in harsh marine environment since more than 2 decades on thousands of vessels. The SOFUEL is also adapted to any combustion control need, in furnaces and power plants.


Consumption and pollution reduction •
Accurate viscosity control for optimized combustion yield •
Minimize furnace and engine maintenance •
Avoid engine break •
Easy retrofit •


• Simultaneous viscosity and density measurement
• High precision in the range 0,1-50cP
• Application dedicated specifications
• Withstands pressure (20 bars), temperature (180°C)
• Unsensitive to vibrations of engine room
• Decade 24/7 operation, without maintenance.
• Analog and digiatal outputs