The most cost effective online viscosity at reference temperature analyzer.
With its integrated sampling system,Thermoset-CF requires no extra installation and can be installed outside, the closest to the process step to control.
Using the robust and extremely tolerant MIVI vibration technology an using no oil bath nor oven, it requires almost no maintenance.


Amazingly low Total Ownership Cost•
Correlated to the ASTM D445 •
Embedded sampling system: all-in-one •
No extra installation (no shelter needed) •
Field installation •
The closest possible to the process step to control •
No oil bath or oven induces very low and easy maintenance •


• Measure dynamic viscosity at reference temperature up to 10 000 cP
• Optimized for a single control point
• Ex-proof design
• Optional embedded density meter
• Powerfull 9731 touchscreen processor including safety functions