The Sofeat is a state of the art instrument specially designed for HPHT applications and harshest environments like oil drilling.
Compact and robust, it is easily integrated on MWD/LWD systems which are sent downhole at various kilometers below Earth surface in order to make in-situ measurements in extreme conditions of pressure and temperature.
Viscosity and density are instantaneously measured and continuously sent to the surface thanks to a high temperature electronics


Measurement of bottomhole crude •
Better formation evaluation by direct viscosity •
Better accuracy and repeatability than other •
techniques used to deduce viscosity
Quantification of fluid variations in real time•
Better spectroscopic models using measured •
viscosity rather than calculation


• High pressure at High temperature (1100 bars @ 200°C)
• Robust- Long lasting
• simultaneous viscosity and density measurement
• High temperature transducer (125°C) with digital output