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L’INVI : nouveau viscosimètre à insertion

the new INVI

A new solution for your process

The INVI sensor is Sofraser latest innovation and intends to answer our customers need for easy mounting.

This new viscometer can be directly installed on a flanged nozzle, installation frequently met on field either for reactors or for process lines. To answer this need of easy installation on existing nozzle met by our customers, Sofraser developed a new design of insertion rope: the INVI sensor.

The standard configuration of the INVI is a 2” and 150 lbs ANSI mounting flange but can be custom made to fit each specific project which can be installed as narrow as 1, 5’’ nozzles. Its length and flange size can be adjusted to perfectly match with the on-site requirements and ensure reliable measurements for your process.

The INVI Classic version
The Classic INVI

Different configurations for the INVI

This brand new probe has 3 main configurations available: one with a remote transmitter (similar to the MIVI configuration), meaning that the sensor and its electronics are connected together thanks to a cable (its length is adjusted to your needs); another one with embedded electronics within a blind enclosure, and finally one with embedded electronics and a display.

All 3 configurations can also be configured in high temperature thanks to the addition of a heat exchanger.

The standard needle insertion length is 205 mm, but other length, up to 1m/ 39” can be done on request.

3 different versions for the INVI

Reliable technology from Sofraser

Based on the same technology as the MIVI, the INVI has a vibrating rod at resonance frequency. Patented and long proved for its robustness and durability, the Sofraser technology might be the perfect match for your viscosity requirement.

With its exclusive Flow Damper technology that acts like an embedded Flow cell, the measurement stays stable in any conditions.

The INVI is therefore a very adaptive viscometer and perfectly fits special projects which Sofraser is always delighted to work on.

The viscometer is already available for future projects and can be ordered through your local distributor.

Patented in 1981 by Sofraser, the vibrating viscometer at resonance frequency is now the most commonly used type of viscometer.

The INVI embedded electronics with display version