the new INVI





Reliable and repeatable, the INVI is a small model specifically designed to fit existing nozzles on the process line. No adaptations are required, as it can be customized to fit any type of flange, reactor or pipe.

As with all our sensors, the INVI works by inserting the vibrating needle into your process to significantly reduce losses, optimize quality and increase profitability.

Compatible across a wide viscosity range, the INVI can measure from thick pastes to light fluids. Requiring no special preparation, the INVI can be used directly in your process lines, and its ease of use and configuration will allow your operators to use it rapidly with ease at its optimal efficiency.


Secured process •
Product savings •
Production yield improvement •
Easy-to-install & use •
Selfcleaning •


Any range between 0.1 to 10mPa.s and 100 to 10 000 mPa.s
Function of the operating range, up to 200°c/392°F
To be installed on any kind of flanges from 1”½ to 2”½ or larger
2 optional current outputs for viscosity and temperature
• Optional serial output RS485 


Our INVI remote process viscometer ATEX/IECEx certified has been designed to operate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres. Highly recommended for measuring the viscosity of petroleum and chemical products. It keeps your work area safe from explosions and accurately measures viscosity.

This version of the INVI has the advantage of being used with the wide range of SOFRASER processors that can be installed apart especially in environments or applications where direct contact could be dangerous or harmful to the fluid or viscosity sensor. Safer and cleaner. 

This viscometer with its remote electronics can be used to continuously monitor the viscosity of a moving fluid up to 200°C, providing real-time data.

the new INVI
embedded electronics

EMBEDDED 9000 transmitter

This INVI version with embedded 9000 transmitter has the advantage of being able to provide the viscosity measurement directly at the process, up to 100°C.

In order to perform the basic sensor settings, the use of a dedicated SOFRASER interface system is required. This is the best choice when it is not needed to display the viscosity and temperature directly on-line. 

In addition, this embedded 9000 transmitter version allows continuous monitoring of fluid viscosity, but also better process automation.

EMBEDDED 9100 transmitter
process viscometer

The INVI version embedded 9100 electronic and display has the advantage to provide real-time measurement and display of the results directly on the process, up to 80°C, allowing to react quickly if abnormal levels are detected.

The display and buttons allow easy configuration directly on the sensor, as well as enabling or disabling correlation useful when monitoring non-Newtonian fluids.

Easily integrated into automated systems, this INVI version will save you time in the installation process and the follow up of differents setting up.

embedded electronics with display


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