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Viscometry pioneers since 1972

Inventors of the world’s first resonance frequency viscometer

Sofraser have been frequently copied, but never matched! Thanks to our expertise, allowing us to reach an unparalleled level of accuracy. We develop solutions for numerous applications in all industry segments to achieve excellence in your production.

Sofraser is also pioneer in CSR approaches and strategies and multiple award winner.



Air liquide

"We needed a viscosity measurement solution with very good accuracy and repeatability, evolved electronics for distinct operating conditions, easy communication with our systems, and large ranges for temperature and pressure. We looked at five different systems. The Sofraser MIVI viscometer came up as best-in-class in each category."

CECD's Technician - Air Liquide>

Air liquide

"Every operator feels safer now that the viscometer is installed because stress created by the hardening issue is avoided. In addition to stability and quality, production efficiency has increased."

Mr. Inçargarat - Rolpin - Development and Technical Manager

Air liquide

"The viscosity is continuously monitored during the mixing process and the operator receives a signal when the mixture is ready or mixed according to its specifications. The choice of the SOFRASER viscometer was mainly its ease of use. And it has already proven itself. We have nothing to do and we only check the meter once a year during the overall tank maintenance."

Hans Aerts - Derbigum - R&D Manager