In Tank, On Reactor viscometer


Our in tank solutions are designed with unprecedented versatility, offering more than 150 combinations to meet the most specific industry needs. They are easy to install either on the wall of a tank reactor or in a bypass loop.

Highly sensitive even in wide range of viscosity, a single sensor can monitor a full reaction. And for the most demanding contexts, our exclusive Flow Damper technology adds even more stability. 



On reactor pipe, high stirring speed can create turbulences causing instabilities in the product to measure.

Sofraser has developed an exclusive Flow Damper included on the sensor that acts like an embedded flow cell or re-circulator and laminarizes the flow around the sensing element.

The flow damper canalizes the flow in order to obtain a relevant measurement. This element eliminates the turbulences that can change the physical state of the fluid by forcing the flow lines to remain parallel to the measuring probe and ensuring a stable measurement regardless of the flow.


on reactor wall

MIVI sensors are best installed on reactors or tanks by welding the Sofraser proprietary mounting flange directly on the wall.

In most of the cases the mounting flange and MIVI sensor are installed on the bottom side of the reactor. So the vibrating rod, the active part of the MIVI sensor, will be immersed in the liquid phase for as long as possible.

Thanks to the exclusive flow damper technology the viscosity measure is protected from the most extreme turbulences.


insertion in reactor

When a flanged nozzles, that allows the insertion of a 3’’ immersion tube, is available on the tank, it can be used to install the MIVI sensor,

Setting the length of the immersion tube allows to adjust the immersion depth of the MIVI in order to place the vibrating needle, the active part of the MIVI sensor, in the most relevant location in the reactor.

Immersion tube principle can also be used in order to install the MIVI from the top of the reactor. This is the solution for fully double jacqueted and/or scrapped wall tanks.



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