Inline process viscometer

In line viscometer


Sofraser invented the first direct-insertion probe that tracks the smallest changes in viscosity and delivers reliable measurements as part as the process stream. Our clients can rely on a robust, real-time and precise viscometry solutions from gases to rubbers. With our exclusive Flow Damper technology, process conditions are mastered even at high speed streams. As a results, our clients simultaneously gain in production efficiency and profitability as well as reduce material consumption and waste. 



On large pipe, high flow rate can create turbulences causing instabilities in the product to measure.

Sofraser has developed an exclusive Flow Damper included on the sensor that acts like an embedded flow cell or re-circulator and laminarizes the flow around the sensing element.

The flow damper canalizes the flow in order to obtain a relevant measurement. This element eliminates the turbulences that can change the physical state of the fluid by forcing the flow lines to remain parallel to the measuring probe and ensuring a stable measurement regardless of the flow.


on pipe angle

MIVI sensors can work in any position, allowing them to be easily installed ans integrated on the process. 

Typical installation is done on 2″ to 3″ pipe angle but it can be adapted to very large pipe (20″ or more) thanks to mini-immersion tube or straight-line mounting on flanged nozzle. 

High pressure, sanitary and hygienic (EHEDG) connections are available with Tri-clamp flanges, Varivent® flange or others. 


on flow cell

The Sofraser measuring chamber is the mounting accessory that suits for implementing the MIVI sensor on lines with diameters below ¾’’.

Standard measuring chamber is delivered with 2 inlet ports and 1 outlet port. Ports size is ½’’ gas (BSPT). Smaller and larger sizes such as ¼’’ and ¾’’ and other thread types are available on request.

According to the product and the operation details, the MIVI sensor can be installed either without, either with its flow damper.



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