Beer, to be good, is complex to make. Customers want to drink the same beer they bought previously as that they liked the taste of it. In order to get beer to always taste good and the same, one of the things producers take care is remove all the yeast at the end of the first fermentation. While removing all the yeast at the bottom of the tank is rather easy, the challenge is not to lose the beer. From the technical point of view it’s consisting to detect the interface between yeast and beer flowing in the exhaust pipe.

And to be able to do that, getting a viscometer is a solution. For the detection of threshold transition of small amounts of yeast into the beer, after fermentation, a viscometer is the best solution to control with precision your process.

You can, in line, detect yeast in the beer during the transfer of tanks. The main objective of the sensor is to reduce waste and time in the process.

During the beer fermentation process, the amount of yeast produced varies and at the end of it, the yeast sediments at the bottom of the tanks. It is then pumped to be sent for recycling.
The whole problem is to determine with maximum precision the transition from yeast to beer.

For each type of beer, the brewery pumps a certain volume. As yeast production is never stable from one cuvee to another, significant losses in beer production are recorded. In addition, the centrifugation process is very time-consuming and does not allow the release of proteins that are partly responsible for the filtration.

Sofraser’s top of the art viscometer

A viscometer allows you to control the threshold transition from yeast to beer. Adding a viscometer to your process helps you produce better, consistent beer but also reduces your wastes and increases production capacity.

The MIVI, Sofraser’s bestseller available in both sanitary and hygienic EHEDG certified design, has low influence of flow rate variations (measurement at high shear rate in 2nd Newtonian stage), is easy to install and to use, rugged and has no drift.

The MIVI also doesn’t require any maintenance, install it and let it improve your process.

MIVI certified EHEDG

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