Reliable and repeatable, the Sofraser MIVI sensor results in peak production and end-product quality by delivering 24/7 instantaneous measurement and efficient analysis such as dynamic or kinematic viscosity, density, concentration, phase detection, etc.

Inserting the vibrating needle in processes does drastically reduce losses and optimize quality.

Compatible with the harshest environments, the Sofraser MIVI viscometer offers the highest performance on the market and fits multiple mounting configurations, allowing optimal fluid measurement.


Confidence •
Secured process •
Product savings •
Fast ROI (Return On Investment) •
Production yield improvment •
Easy-to-install & use •
Selfcleaning •
Corrosion, abrasion resistant •
Particles and bubbles tolerant •


• Any range betweeen 0,01 to 1.000.000 mPa.s
• One single sensor able to provide high level of sensitivity over a very large measurement range
• Available in 1.400 bars or 300°C versions
• The most comprehensive Processor range
• Included flow damper to laminarize the flow around the sensing element improving stability
• Optional temperature probe inserted directly in the process line (embedded thermowell)

Sanitary and hygienic process viscometer

This MIVI version is specialy designed, according to 3A, for food and beverage, cosmetic, pharma and biotech industries,
• Without niche spaces
• Clean-In-Place design (CIP), no need to uninstall it from the process
• Corrosion resistant (316L SS) and compatible with sanitizing procedures
• The sanitary MIVI version is also compatible with the high-pressure version and the high sentitivity version

High-pressure process viscometer

This MIVI version allows to measure your viscosity with a pressure of up to 1500 bar (supporting 450 bar as standard)
• This option may become essential in the field of drilling, spray dryers, injection or in any other field requiring work at very high pressure
• As it can be installed in line, on reactor or on a flow cell, this MIVI guarantees you a high efficiency on industrial, petroleum, food and cosmetic processes
• The high-pressure MIVI version is also compatible with the sanitary version and the high sentitivity version

High sensitivity process viscometer

• Wtih a maximum sensitivity of 0,0001cP, this MIVI version is ideal for all low viscosity liquids such as very light fuels, solvents, water acids, diluted solutions or low viscosity starch solutions used in the paper, packaging and food industry
• Fulfills market requirements for high sensibility industrial applications: impressive repeatability, reliable & robust sensors text-center product-text1even on small volume flow cell
• The high sensitive MIVI version is also compatible with the sanitary version and the high pressure version