Thermoset- KV

The Thermoset-KV (Kinematic Viscosity) is the online analyzer designed to continuously, directly and simultaneously measure the kinematic viscosity, the dynamic viscosity and the density. This allows a direct correlation to ASTMD445 with no need of an extra density meter.

By adjusting coolant temperature of the flow-cell, the end-user can select the reference temperature.

This solution can easily be used for the determination of the viscosity index according to the ASTM D2270 standard by measuring the viscosity at 40 and 100°C.


Direct kinematic viscosity measures in real time on the same product, with the same instrument •
Directly correlated toASTM D445 •
Simple to use and install, no extra density meter required •
Easy viscosity index - Particle tolerant •


• Ex-proof design
• Able to provide measures in cSt (up to 1000 cSt)
• Needs thermostatized cooling fluid
• Powerfull 9731 touchscreen processor including safety functions