Viscosity measuring solution for fuels in marine engines

viscosity fuel oil marine engine

Viscosity control in marine engine fuels

The regulation of fuels spraying – diesel and heavy fuel oil – over wide viscosity; and temperature ranges requires continuous and accurate viscosity measurement and control. Transition from heavy fuel oil to marine distillate is characterised by a high difference in viscosity; and can lead to uncertain transition times as well as compromising temperature and viscosity stabilisation in the engine.

Combined with an electronic controller, the installation of an in-line vibrating process viscometer – Sofraser’s OEM viscosity sensor – in a fuel conditioning module, enables the viscosity and temperature of the fuel oil to be monitored and controlled during the transition from marine distillate to heavy fuel oil. A single viscometer can operate as standard with the use of both fuels and facilitate the transition from one to the other. It is easy to clean and the submerged parts are easily accessible.

The viscometer indicates an accuracy of 1% under real fuel regulation conditions. The installation of the viscometer offers a significant improvement to heavy fuel oil combustion systems on ships. It operates autonomously after installation and requires no maintenance.

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