Texture, consistency, enzymatic power, concentration and dry extract are common viscosity correlations used in bio, pharma, food and beverage industries. As viscosity changes the flow properties of a liquid, influences the appearance and the consistency of a product, viscosity measurement is essential in most production stages.
Whether in the food&beverage, biotech, cosmetic or the pharmaceutics industry, the sanitary conditions must be fully respected. The sanitary design on equipment is required in any application where contamination is a risk.

Reduction of costly and time-consuming laboratory sampling •
Constantly monitor and prevent product •
Obtain a better end-product quality and consistency •
Improve hygienic design, enhancing cleanability to decrease •
the risk of biological, physical and chemical contamination
Control and enhance product safety for •

• Viscosity sensor specially designed for sanitary environment (according to 3A specifications) with no niche spaces
• Low influence of flow rate variations
• High pressure capabilities
• Very small sensing part, a needle in the process
• Very low to very high viscosities capabilities
• Digital and analog outputs
• Digital display