How is the viscometer used as a reference in enzyme monitoring?

viscometer used as a reference in enzyme monitoring

Definition of the enzyme :

Almost all biomolecules capable of catalyzing chemical reactions in cells are enzymes. Their main function is to decrease the activation energy of a chemical reaction. This increases the reaction speed of a preparation.

Today, in addition to natural enzymes, many synthetic versions are created in the laboratory. This improves their activity, develop new properties, in order to adapt them to the industrial sector and to produce; among others, natural cleaning products that are increasingly effective.

To measure the activity of the cellulase solution an efficient technique is needed to control the manufacturing process and ensure the final quality. The technique called DNSA method, based on the reduction of the viscosity of a CMC solution in contact with the enzyme is one of the most efficient, but requires a viscometer whose performance is up to the challenge.

The solution goes through Sofraser Needle, the inventor of the vibrating type at resonant frequency MIVI viscometer. For this type of project, the small size of the needle, the active part of the viscometer, as well as its high sensitivity offers an original and automated solution.

Since the early 1990s, the MIVI sensor has been integrated into multiple product developments. Allowing the filing of half a dozen patents in which the Sofraser viscometer is used as a reference for the measurement of enzymatic power.

They say about us:

“The analysis method with the MIVI sensor is the most efficient. The accuracy of the enzymatic activity perfectly matches our need, the sample volume is minimal and the operators appreciate the ease of cleaning the needle.” – Enzyme laboratory researcher, in Denmark

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