Viscosity of adhesives & sealants

The adhesives & sealants industry

The industry for adhesives and sealants is challenged by the limited raw materials and the negative impact of synthetic compounds on human health and the environment, which an answer is already brought up about: a new generation of adhesives and sealants are now water based, making them less toxic and more environmentally friendly.

Furthermore those products are widely used to assemble, protect and seal systems in construction, manufacture and perform maintenance. They are key components for a lot of projects, therefore their impact is great in the industry itself.

The main raw materials used in the manufacturing of adhesives still come from crude oil and petrochemicals, product whose prices are extremely volatiles and higher than ever.

To ensure a consistent, high-quality and defect-free application of adhesives and sealants, viscosity changes throughout the process flow have to be monitored in real time. Taking measurements from a baseline rather than simply measuring absolute values, and adjusting viscosity by adjusting mix components and temperature compensation helps keeping the process within its specified limits.

Most adhesives are non-Newtonians and viscosity control is prioritized at the end-point, although viscometers can monitor its entirety.

By continuously monitoring viscosity online, preparation and delivery can be controlled more efficiently. Thus significantly improving the flow properties of the final product.

Sofraser’s viscometers

To monitor viscosity throughout the process, the best solution is to install a Sofraser viscometer. More precisely a MIVI sensor with a 9720 multi-product HMI processor, because often, several sealants are produced in the same tank.

mivi sensor viscometer

Compatible across a wide viscosity range, the MIVI can measure from thick pastes to light fluids. Requiring no special preparation, MIVI can be used directly in your process lines. Its ease of use and configuration will allow your operators to use it quickly, easily and with optimal efficiency.

Thanks to their vibrating needle, Sofraser viscometers have a self-cleaning effect, resulting in an almost maintenance free viscosity instrumentation.

Resulting in peak production, the sensor delivers 24/7 instant measurement and is compatible easy to install.

Inventor of the vibrating type technology and with more than 50 years of expertise, Sofraser viscometers are the most reliable process viscometers on the market.

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