High viscosity fuels

HVF Viscosity

High viscosity fuels are products generating combustion from other industries residues and are used for economic reasons. Variations within high viscosity fuels are commonplace considering their origins and additives.

These products are usually solid at room temperature and liquid at their working temperature. HVF are used for energy production, industrial and central district heating, and manufacturing companies like cement manufacturers, sugar refineries, and paper mills.

HVF, without a viscometer, cannot be burned efficiently due to the vast non-homogeneities. Controlling the viscosity of HVF and its pressure improves the efficiency of the combustion. Viscosity control before the injection is indispensable and implies heating the HVF.

Burning high viscosity fuels presents problems such as: non homogeneity or poor injection/spraying, causing an incomplete combustion, creation of unburns, fuel over-consumption, and other outcomes companies tend to avoid.

Therefore, the need for viscosity control is crucial.

Sofraser’s viscometer solution for high viscosity fuels

The installation of a vibrating inline process viscometer – Sofraser MIVI sensor – and associated electronic controller allow the high viscosity fuel to reach the correct viscosity when heated and they maintain stability during the combustion process which allows consistent atomization.

The Sofraser MIVI is robust over in time, has no moving parts, nor maintenance. Due to uncomplicated access to wetted part the MIVI is easy to clean and has nod drift in time. Sofraser offers you the possibility to put options on your MIVI to vary the oil flow rate, our electronic controller can include high and low viscosity alarms and / or temperature alarms, improving the fail-safe operation.

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