On-line viscosity measurement in ink deposition on special films

On-line viscosity measurement is the most reliable way to monitor the uniformity and quality of ink deposit on papers; films and specialty substrates. If the process does not allow for consistent ink viscosity, poor batches will be produced. Resulting not only in increased manufacturing costs but also in quality and corporate reputation problems.

The installation of a MIVI on-line viscometer in the ink tank allows a precise and continuous follow-up of the ink viscosity. MIVI adjusts the viscosity of the ink; if necessary according to various parameters such as temperature, flow rate, the need for pigments; solvent addition, chemical reactions and other characteristics related to the production in question.

On-line viscosity measurement in ink deposition on special films
Application of viscosity in printing

The MIVI viscometer ensures permanent operation without time drift and is particle tolerant. It is not necessary to clean the sensor separately from the process. Its sensitivity in low and high viscosities is also an advantage in this application.

As a general rule, the implementation of a MIVI viscometer on press allows an overall ink consumption saving of 5%, generating a return on investment of about one year. The use of an in-line MIVI viscometer ensures the consistency, homogeneity and uniformity of the ink deposit by maximizing the printing speed. MIVI improves print quality, ensuring, among other things, color continuity.

Discover the detailed sheet in English on the use of the MIVI viscometer in printing and coating processes.

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