Hulki Ozel from Pikolab through our camera

Hulki Ozel

Hulki OZEL: I’m Dr Hulki OZEL from Pikolab engineering company

Interviewer: For how long have you been working for Sofraser?

Hulki OZEL: we have been working with Sofraser as a distributor of turkey more than five years

Interviewer: What’s make you proud to work with Sofraser?

Hulki OZEL: Our motto is “you cannot control what you cannot measure” and Sofraser providing viscosity measurement even under harsh and difficult process conditions with its experience and good technical support and this situation completely meets our customers and our expectations so that’s why we are good to work with Sofraser.

A 5 years cooperation with Pikolab

The celebration of 50 years of existence was also an occasion to celebrate the many partnership Sofraser made along the way, such as a relatively new one: Pikolab. And it is Pr. Ozel, representing the company that made the trip to Sofraser’s offices to celebrate with us.

Pikolab motto is a perfect definition of Sofraser’s mission: “you cannot control what you cannot measure”. The cooperation between our two companies is still new but we expect great thing from this partnership.

While on site, he gave an interview for our cameras about his partnership with Sofraser and why he still works with he decided to work with Sofraser.  

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