Sofraser 50th anniversary

Discovering "maison feuillette"

Sofraser celebrated its 50 years at the beginning of June 2022. Alongside with others company of Ana Bell Group, Sofraser Maintenance (50 years) and Anael (20 years), also celebrating. Sofraser’s distributors from across the world attended this event that marks one of Sofraser’s (major) milestone. Some of them even made the trip to our factory.

The 2nd of June, Sofraser invited its partners from all around the globe for an on-site seminar and an international live webinar, with our brand new products launch, a hands up moment as long as a reward ceremony, some magic and quality time between Sofraser’s team and its distributors who could join physically the event.

The award ceremony
Sofraser's webinar

The exchanges of experience between the attendees were rich and abundant, leading to multiple topics of discussion. Sofraser, world pioneer in process viscometry not only celebrated the company and its products but also the partnerships made along the way.

Diner at the restaurant

The 3rd of June was also a day of celebration. With the theme of Circular Metamorphosis, it was a day to show Sofraser’s establishment in the territory and its CSR actions. To mark the day, local artists painted Sofraser’s wall with a tree and worlds associated with Sustainable Development Goals gathered during a word café.

The word café

Dear Sofraser partner, thank you.
Dear Sofraser team, happy birthday.

The circular metamorphosis tree

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