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Meet ESNATEC on October 25, 2023 at LAB SUPPLY – Sindelfingen

The LAB SUPPLY Shows are the must-attend events for all professionals in the laboratory and laboratory supplies sector. They bring together leading exhibitors and industry specialists, offering a unique opportunity to discover the latest technological advances and cutting-edge products in the field.

Esnatec, will be present as an exhibitor at this new edition on October 25, 2023 in Sindelfingen.

A trusted player, Esnatec offers a wide range of high-quality laboratory supplies and equipment. Take this opportunity to meet their team, discuss your specific needs and discover the Sofraser viscosity solutions for laboratory and process applications.

Whether you work in the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, environmental or other industrial sectors, this is the event for you.

For further information on the show, please visit the official LAB SUPPY and Esnatec websites.

📅 Date: October 25, 2023

📍Location: Sindelfingen

💻Websites: www.lab-supply.info/besuchen/sindelfingen https://esnatec.de/wir-sind-esnatec.html

Meet DASTEC on September 11-14, 2023 at AOG Expo – Buenos Aires – Argentina

Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2023 is the leading event for the oil and gas industry in Argentina. It provides a leading platform for companies and industry professionals to showcase their latest innovations, technologies and solutions in the field of oil and gas extraction, production and distribution. The show brings together key industry players, experts and decision-makers from around the world to exchange knowledge, explore new business opportunities and discuss current industry trends and challenges.

DASTEC, Sofraser’s distributor in Argentina, will be present as an exhibitor at this 14th edition, which will take place from September 11 to 14, 2023 at the Buenos Aires Exhibition Center.

A trusted partner, DASTEC has been dedicated for over 30 years to the supply of measurement and process control instruments, designed to cover the needs of industries such as:

  • Petroleum gas
  • Water & Effluents
  • Petrochemicals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Refineries
  • Energy
  • Mining & Aggregates
  • Chemicals
  • Pulp & Paper

Join them at Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2023 at booth 1C-43

📅 Date: September 11-14, 2023

📍Location: Predio Ferial La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina

💻Websites: https://www.aogexpo.com.ar/https://www.dastecsrl.com.ar/

Jimin Liu from Grenergy through our camera

Jimin Liu: I’m Jimin Liu I’m general manager of Beijing Grenegy Equipment Company.

Interviewer: For how long have you been working with Sofraser?

Jimin Liu: we worked with Sofraser for eight years.

Interviewer: What’s make you proud to work with Sofraser?

Jimin Liu: Sofraser provides us very good quality product. This product met our project requirement. We are very satisfied

8 years going strong with Grenergy

During the celebration of Sofraser’s 50th year anniversary, Grenegy visited Sofraser’s factory and was able to meet our team. Sofraser’s partner since 2014, the company is specialised in OEM products and energy.

Grenegy is a great intermediate party and a great partner with whom it is easy to collaborate. We believe this partnership is one to last and are delighted to be working with them.

While on site, he gave an interview for our cameras about his partnership with Sofraser and why he still works with us after nearly a decade.  

The INVI: Sofraser new insertion viscometer

A new solution for your process

The INVI sensor is Sofraser latest innovation and intends to answer our customers need for easy mounting.

This new viscometer can be directly installed on a flanged nozzle, installation frequently met on field either for reactors or for process lines. To answer this need of easy installation on existing nozzle met by our customers, Sofraser developed a new design of insertion rope: the INVI sensor.

The standard configuration of the INVI is a 2” and 150 lbs ANSI mounting flange but can be custom made to fit each specific project which can be installed as narrow as 1, 5’’ nozzles. Its length and flange size can be adjusted to perfectly match with the on-site requirements and ensure reliable measurements for your process.

The INVI Classic version
The Classic INVI

Different configurations for the INVI

This brand new probe has 3 main configurations available: one with a remote transmitter (similar to the MIVI configuration), meaning that the sensor and its electronics are connected together thanks to a cable (its length is adjusted to your needs); another one with embedded electronics within a blind enclosure, and finally one with embedded electronics and a display.

All 3 configurations can also be configured in high temperature thanks to the addition of a heat exchanger.

The standard needle insertion length is 205 mm, but other length, up to 1m/ 39” can be done on request.

3 different versions for the INVI

Reliable technology from Sofraser

Based on the same technology as the MIVI, the INVI has a vibrating rod at resonance frequency. Patented and long proved for its robustness and durability, the Sofraser technology might be the perfect match for your viscosity requirement.

With its exclusive Flow Damper technology that acts like an embedded Flow cell, the measurement stays stable in any conditions.

The INVI is therefore a very adaptive viscometer and perfectly fits special projects which Sofraser is always delighted to work on.

The viscometer is already available for future projects and can be ordered through your local distributor.

Patented in 1981 by Sofraser, the vibrating viscometer at resonance frequency is now the most commonly used type of viscometer.

The INVI embedded electronics with display version

Hulki Ozel from Pikolab through our camera

Hulki OZEL: I’m Dr Hulki OZEL from Pikolab engineering company

Interviewer: For how long have you been working for Sofraser?

Hulki OZEL: we have been working with Sofraser as a distributor of turkey more than five years

Interviewer: What’s make you proud to work with Sofraser?

Hulki OZEL: Our motto is “you cannot control what you cannot measure” and Sofraser providing viscosity measurement even under harsh and difficult process conditions with its experience and good technical support and this situation completely meets our customers and our expectations so that’s why we are good to work with Sofraser.

A 5 years cooperation with Pikolab

The celebration of 50 years of existence was also an occasion to celebrate the many partnership Sofraser made along the way, such as a relatively new one: Pikolab. And it is Pr. Ozel, representing the company that made the trip to Sofraser’s offices to celebrate with us.

Pikolab motto is a perfect definition of Sofraser’s mission: “you cannot control what you cannot measure”. The cooperation between our two companies is still new but we expect great thing from this partnership.

While on site, he gave an interview for our cameras about his partnership with Sofraser and why he still works with he decided to work with Sofraser.  

Pikolab logo

Pere Masana from PSA Ingenieros through our camera

Pere: My name is Pere Masana, I’m working for PSA Ingenieros in Spain

Interviewer: For how long have you been working with Sofraser?

Pere: I meet them first time around four years ago and yeah it has been a hard time because two of these years have been pandemic but hoping to work more and more

Interviewer: What’s make you proud to work with Sofraser?

Pere: well since I met them I realized they have a real good quality product and for the team is a very professional team and I feel very comfortable working with them with the support I receive all the time.

A now 7 years collaboration with PSA Ingenieros

Pere Masana from PSA ingenieros was able to come to Sofraser’s factory to celebrate with us our 50th anniversary. Founded by engineers, PSA Ingenieros is a national reference in the continuous analysis field. They have earned Sofraser’s trust over the years to sell our products to the Spanish market.

Specialised in the oil & gas market, PSA ingenieros strength is their good technical knowledge. We saw from the very first meeting and even more at ACHEMA.

While on site, Pere Masana gave an interview for our cameras about his partnership with Sofraser. He tells us why he still works with us after those 7 years of collaboration.  

PSA Ingenieros logo

The 9100 transmitter

The creation of the 9100 transmitter

When designing our brand new 9100, our engineers had one thing in mind: “How can we make our new transmitter a state-of-the-art measurement instrument that is easy to install and manipulate?”

And they found the solution: the 9100 transmitter offers measurement technology made in Sofraser with a DIN rail mounting.

The new transmitter maintains the vibration of the MIVI sensor, processes its signal and provides instantaneous and continuous viscosity and temperature measurement.

The features

It can be mounted on a standard DIN rail and is easy to handle for a constant display of both viscosity and temperature.

The transmitter has complementary features such has the choice of the units and the activation of a correlation table. It connects easily to data acquisition system or process controller for a precise reporting and control with analog and digital outputs. The raw data of the sensor can be displayed and current outputs checked easily on field diagnosis.

The typical application fields of the transmitter are: food processing, printing, packaging, coating and mixing, don’t hesitate to contact us to know if your industry is a fit!

 Why choose Sofraser technology

Sofraser is a pioneer in viscometry since 1972 with the invention of the very first viscometer at resonance frequency and never stopped innovating.

Its strong R&D department, composed of passionate experts in the field, provides the latest innovation that enhance production methods to meet client’s needs and increase their performance while reducing their material consumption, waste and environmental impact.

François Lardet from Anael through our camera

François: I’m François Lardet, the president of Anael Company which is the distributor of Sofraser in France

Interviewer: For how long have you been working with Sofraser?

François: I’m working for Sofraser since 2002. It means 20 years now.

Interviewer: What’s make you proud to work with Sofraser?

François: I’m proud to work with Sofraser because since a long time we know all the products all the advantages the robustness and the accuracy of the instrument and moreover that’s also a company which is dynamic and who creates new instruments and new electronics

2002 to 2022 with Anael and François Lardet

The partnership between Anael and Sofraser began at the creation of Anael in 2002 and is still as strong as day one. Anael is Sofraser’s French distributor and was awarded best seller during our international webinar.

Anael is a company we like to work with as they are responsive and very technical.

After the online international webinar, he gave a few minutes to our cameras to talk about his partnership with Sofraser and why he still works with us after more than two decades.  

Logo anael

Leif Kølner and Fredrick Reymert through our camera

Fredrik Reymert: I’m Fredrik Reymert working for a small engineering company in Norway called Leif Kølner.

Interviewer: For how long have you been working with Sofraser?

Fredrik Reymert: I’ve been working with Sofraser for six years. In September it will be six years since i started in Leif Kølner but i know Leif Kølner, the company I’m working in, has been working with Sofraser I think… it’s 15 years

Interviewer: What’s make you proud to work with Sofraser?

Fredrik Reymert: The quality I would say. That’s the first thing. The response of the support. It’s always easy to ask questions. The fact that Sofraser is able to mount the sensor and it’s still running standing there maybe after 10-15 years without any major troubles. I find that quite amazing to be honest.

16 years of working together with Leif Kølner

The celebration of 50 years of existence was also an occasion to celebrate the many partnership Sofraser made along the way. Like the one we have with Leif Kølner. Supplier of felt instrumentation for industrial applications and who was represented by Fredrik Reymert, they has been Sofraser’s partner for over 16 this year.

Specialised in the chemical industry, the Norwegian company has proven to be trustworthy with fast deliveries, flexible service and a close follow-up.

While on site, he gave an interview for our cameras about his partnership with Sofraser. A great occasion to explain why his company still works with us after 16 years.

logo leif kolner

John Heidenreich from Inventech through our camera

John: My name is John Heidenreich and I work for Inventech Benelux from the Netherlands

Interviewer: Fr how long have you been working with Sofraser?

John: We have been officially working for Sofraser since 2004 but we started working with you since 2001

Interviewer: What’s make you proud to work with Sofraser?

John: Well, there are a lot of things that make me proud but one of them is that we can contribute to selling your products in the Netherlands and together with Sofraser we can built a good part of the economics and helping customers create and expend their businesses

A partnership with John Heidenreich since 2001

Inventech is Sofraser’s choice partner in the Netherlands since 2001 and John Heidenreich, its president, hit the road to meet Sofraser’s team on the occasion of our 50th anniversary where he attended our special event.

Over the years an extensive trust and a true partnership was built between our two companies. We are delighted of the collaboration with have and developed along the 20 years since our very first meeting.

While celebrating our jubilee, they gave us a trophy present that we gladly accepted. We hope John’s interview pictures well the mutual and smooth collaboration we built.

Inventech logo