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Sofraser presentation during Achema Exhibition

Tuesday August 28th, Hall 11.0, Granat room, 14h30-14h50

Dr Philippe Burg, Sales and Applications Manager at Sofraser, will give the presentation entitled “Viscosity measurement in hygienic applications” and introduce the solutions offered by Sofraser process viscometers product range. It will be possible to meet him, after his presentation, to discuss your projects.

For any contact:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +33 2 38 85 77 12

50th anniversary of SOFRASER

In this year 2022, Sofraser celebrates its 50th anniversary. Inventor of the first resonant vibrating viscometer, our company designs, manufactures and markets measuring equipment enabling our customers to control their production in order to minimize material consumption and avoid rejects.

Our sensors operate continuously 24/7 for decades, without maintenance, at our customers’ sites, demonstrating their robustness and reliability and our viscometers are guaranteed for 7 years.

Founded in 1972, Sofraser is a pioneer in process viscosity monitoring and is today a world leader in industrial viscometers.

This 50th anniversary is an opportunity to highlight our commitment to CSR and our circular approach, implemented since 2000.

Award for the Loiret Trophy

Sofraser, a member of Ana Bell Group, is proud to have been awarded two departmental and national prizes, including the Loiret trophy, in the social commitment category.

This prize is awarded to a company that promotes inclusion, quality of life at work, implements an energy, environmental or CSR transition plan, adopts a company travel plan and carries out concrete actions towards a strong societal commitment.

This award recognizes 20 years of community service by the Ana Bell Group and its members, including its environmental commitments.

This award is given to the whole group:

SOFRASER, a pioneer in process viscosity measurement, designs, manufactures and markets measurement equipment enabling its customers to control their production in order to minimize material consumption and waste.

SOFRASER MAINTENANCE, maintenance for energy efficiency and cleaning of industrial installations allows its customers to remove insulating deposits in the creation and heat exchange installations, reducing fuel consumption, polluting emissions and extending the life of the installations.

ANAEL, distributor of online measurement and analysis instruments, allowing industries to control their production in order to minimize materials consumed and waste and to continuously monitor the regulatory and environmental compliance of their releases.

Sofraser winner of the CSR Challenge Trophy

Sofraser, as a member Ana Bell Group is proud to have been awarded the CSR Challenge Trophy in the environmental category.

In the early 2000s, we pioneered the Global Performance of the Young Leaders Centre (CJD) and AFNOR’s 1000NR approach.

This trophy, more than just certifications, is for us a strong signal that our commitments are consistent and that they bring real added value to the territory.

For Sofraser, more than 65% of supplies are local (nearer and/or more sustainable purchasing policy). Supplier evaluation criteria take into account remoteness and CSR commitments.

Our viscometers, which are eco-designed to be as robust as possible, reusable, fully removable and recyclable, operate 24/7 for decades, are the best ambassadors of our CSR commitment, and allow us to control manufacturing processes in order to ensure final quality and minimise materials consumed and waste.

For 15 years, our consumption has been monitored and analysed and we have taken action to save resources: installation of a geothermal system, insulation, replacement of the opening, precise monitoring of consumption by use, formation of an energy referent. Actions already taken have led to a 30% reduction in energy consumption and a 50% reduction in water consumption. We reuse cartons for packaging and never buy cushions but use shredded paper. And to limit transport-related emissions, we favour short-circuit shopping, teleworking, remote after-sales service, cycling, and we have defined a rule favouring the train over the car or plane.

CSR policies are a real challenge for the future of companies and this trophy is an opportunity to inspire other companies to embark on a strong CSR policy that brings real added value to the actions taken by the company and its teams. We believe that another business model is possible. A model of sharing values, space, skills and knowledge. At Sofraser, we believe in circularity and the virtuous circle of cooperation.

Sofraser at ISA, 62nd Annual Analysis Division Symposium

ISA, 62nd Annual Analysis Division Symposium 

Sofraser will be present on the 62nd ISA Analysis Division Symposium in Pasadena, California, April 23-27, 2017. Dr. Luc Bellière, Sofraser’s President, will be happy to welcome you on Advanced Holdings Ltd booth #109.

This annual conference and exhibition will involve every aspect of process and laboratory methodsof analysis.We will be glad to present our large range of process viscometers and viscosity analyzers.

June 28, 2018: Booth N° 176 – Berlin

LAB-SUPPLY – Trade fair for laboratory technology and instrumental analysis

Viscometer for laboratory and process on Thursday, June 28, 2018 the Lab Supply takes place in Berlin:

The Sofraser viscometers will be presented on the Esnatec stand

Estrel Convention Center, Estrel Saal Stand no. 176
Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin (foyer)
9.30 am to 3.30 pm

What is important for your viscosity determination?

– Small sample volumes?
– Easy cleaning?
– Fast measurement cycle?
– Accurate and reproducible results?
– DIN measuring geometries?

We will present you in Berlin different solutions, we will be happy to advise you individually in the problem solution for you.