Food & Beverage viscometers

In safe hands

In Food & Beverages industry, sanitary conditions must be 100% respected. Thanks to our viscometers solutions, designed with sanitary mountings to avoid contamination, our clients guarantee the creation of safe and high-quality products.


Food & Beverages common constraints

• To constantly monitor and prevent products variations
• To obtain a better end-product quality and consistency
• To improve hygienic design, enhancing cleanability, decreasing
the risk of biological, physical and chemical contamination
• To control and enhance product safety for customers

Our solutions allow:

• A viscosity sensor specially designed for sanitary environment (according to 3A specifications) with no niche spaces.
• Increased safety by avoiding contamination and bacteria proliferation.
• Clean-in-place design (CIP), no need to uninstall it from the process.
• Corrosion resistant (316L SS) and compatible with sanitizing procedures.
• Many mounting positions to avoid dead spaces.
• High pressure version and/or electropolish finishing available.

mivi viscometer