How hygienic viscometers insure fresh cheese excellence ?

hygienic viscometer insure fresh cheese excellence

Fresh cheese are produced from curdled and drained milk, with little processing. The details of the recipes and the know-how of each producer; as well as the dry matter and fat content and possible aromatic ingredients make the difference between the many brands.

The manufacture of dairy products requires strict control of their dry matter content. To save material, the precision of this measurement avoids the overdose of dry matter. It allow the regularity of the functioning of the automatic packaging machines; the consistency of the texture of the finished product and the consistency of the commercial quality for the satisfaction of the consumers

For the French leaders in the dairy industry; excellence is achieved by perfectly controlling the quality of fresh cheese in real time after the homogenization of the curd.

Since there is a known relationship between dry matter and viscosity for many products, Sofraser proposes the installation of a MIVI inline viscometer directly on the vat ensuring a precise optimization of the dry matter concentration in fresh cheese production.

Thanks to its robustness, reliability, and sensitivity to variations in the texture and consistency of dairy products, the sensor continuously monitors product specifications in real time, thus allowing significant savings in raw materials, but also the elimination of losses due to poor production and finally a drastic reduction in customer complaints.

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