2022 is Sofraser’s 50th anniversary. And that calls for a celebration.

50th years of sofraser
50 years of sofraser paul beaudoin
Paul Beaudoin

Sofraser (Société Française de Services) was founded in 1972, when Paul Beaudoin, former Hutchinson maintenance manager, created the company.

Sofraser, inventor of the first tuning-type process viscometer (vibration at its resonance frequency), designs, manufactures and markets measuring equipment that allows its customers to control their production in order to minimize material consumption and waste. Companies that use our viscometer save money, time and raw materials while improving their environmental impact.

This world pioneer in process viscometry, has as main objective to provide the latest high-performance innovations and improve production methods.

For 50 years now, Sofraser has been helping its clients to get better and greener productions with the large range of viscometers offered.

Sofraser produces eco designed viscometers, that are recyclable, low-consumption and long-lasting. For the company, more than 65% of supplies are #local. Supplier evaluation criteria take into account remoteness and CSR commitments.

50 years later, Sofraser is now a part of Ana Bell Group together with Sofraser Maintenance and Anael. Ana Bell Group, is a community for pooling resources and skills, founded in 2008 by Dr Luc K. Bellière, based on the values of sharing and commitment that fosters cooperation in the service of the global performance of companies and experiments with innovative ways of organizing.

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