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Combustion application – Very high viscosity fuels

Control of very high viscosity fuels

The non-homogeneity of very high viscosity fuels is the first factor to be corrected to ensure stable combustion processes. Very high viscosity fuel cannot be burned without a viscometer because of the high disparity of the product. Viscosity control before injection is essential and requires heating of the fuel.

Controle des combustibles de très haute viscosité
Control of very high viscosity fuels

The main problem with burning very high viscosity fuel is its inhomogeneity creating poor injection. This results in low quality combustion, over consumption, smoke emissions, frequent maintenance operations and unacceptable downtime in the plants. In order to achieve uniform atomization, the installation of a MIVI sensor and its associated electronics allows to reach a good viscosity of the fuel with very high viscosity thanks to the heating. It also allows to maintain the stability of the combustion process.

The MIVI viscometer can be calibrated up to viscosity ranges of 1,000,000 cP. The installation of a MIVI sensor on an industrial steam injection burner allows up to 100% fossil fuel savings, using only very high viscosity fuel such as animal fuel. The return on investment after installation is immediate. The Sofraser MIVI process viscometer not only reduces the consumption of fossil fuels, but also standardizes the inhomogeneities of high viscosity fuels by allowing the control of their viscosity at a specific value.