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Real-time viscosity measurement of Engine Oil

Oiled engine

Why control engine oil?

One of the biggest field of innovation for the industry is the control of engine oil.

Engine lubricants are complex and highly technical fluids that perform a variety of protective and functional tasks – provide a hydrodynamic film between moving components, including heat distribution, contaminant suspension, acid neutralization and corrosion prevention, etc.

To prevent engine failure, the oil must be changed before it loses its protective properties. At the same time, an unnecessary oil change is undesirable for environmental and economic reasons. In order to optimally plan the oil drain interval, the actual physical and chemical condition of the oil must be monitored. Guarantying to your engine a quality oil is guarantying your engine to have a longer life thanks to an early detection of possible engine failures.

Advantages of real time viscosity measurement of engine oil

Real-time viscosity measurement has a real advantage in knowing how your oil ages. In common practice, the oil is changed at a constant time or mileage, as recommended by lubricant oil manufacturers or OEMs. This oil drain method is not based on the actual state of the specific engine oil and that may be replaced before or after its useful life has been exceeded. Too soon is a waste of money and too late is damaging your engine.

Ideally, the assessment of the condition of the oil should only be based on parameters measured directly in the oil itself.

Real-time on-line monitoring of engine oil viscosity has several motivating benefits related to cost, environment and machine security.

Sofraser’s expertise

Sofraser has the experience and knowledge and offers a large range of viscometers, allowing you to find the best fit for your company and your product. Our Direct kinematic viscosity analysers deliver the information in real time, on the same product and with one sensor. It is simple to use and to install and no extra density meter is required.

Also available: our sofuel OEM solution, the most precise OEM solution for light to heavy fuel viscosity control.

Thermoset Viscosity Analyzer
Thermoset Viscosity Analyzer