How sensitive viscometers bring excellence in cosmetic mixing ?

In the cosmetic industry, consistency, density, malleability and fluidity are elements that constitute viscosity.

In cosmetic samples, the challenge for the leaders in skin care products is to combine high product quality with an optimized use of resources and time.

The material of cosmetic products :

Whether face creams, shower gels, make-up removers or various cleansers, which cover a wide range of viscosities. Cosmetic production sites mix ingredients in industrial tanks; production cycles last up to six hours and include several operations at critical viscosities. In addition to determining the exact viscosity at critical steps, monitoring the viscosity evolution and its root causes is crucial.

The MIVI Viscometer is designed to quickly determine the viscosity at high shear rate, both in process monitoring and in a development laboratory. The MIVI is easy to use and can be used to measure the viscosity of all types of liquid and viscous samples in the course of daily laboratory activities.

EHEDG certified in January 2021, SOFRASER’s MIVI is the only viscosity sensor to be compliant with the principles and rules of hygiene control, from the choice of materials to the design, installation and maintenance of the equipment. Thanks to this know-how towards sensitive products in a hygienic environment, Sofraser’s MIVI is the most suitable instrument with its wide choice of electronic interface allowing correlations (such as consistency, concentration…), installed in-line but other installation options on tanks are available.

With MIVI, continuous and instantaneous viscosity monitoring in each mixing tank improves the non-conformance rate by 30%. Identifying critical viscosity operations and the causes of viscosity changes also improves ingredient production management and reduces overall process time.

The inline viscometer therefore allows for optimization and automation of the mixing process. For the operators, the display of the instant viscosity is a satisfaction and has a positive and far-reaching effect.

They say about us:

“The impact on our production is huge. Since we have been using the MIVI viscometer on our production lines the processor reacts directly to bad viscosity values. In addition to this, the volume of blocked product is reduced, the idle time of the tank is reduced and the loss of ingredients is now insignificant. We were able to banish all dead zones and avoid any cross contamination. Sofraser’s Solution is perfectly suited to our mixing process.” – Quality manager of a skin care production

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