Measurement of the viscosity of heavy fuels in combustion

viscosity of heavy fuels in combustion

The use of the MIVI viscosimeter in heavy fuel combustion processes

Fuel atomization ensures optimal combustion with low particulate emissions and requires a specific viscosity. When the spray droplet size is not optimized; the combustion of heavy fuels presents certain problems, such as unburned fuel, residue and clogging in the combustion chamber; over-consumption and pollutant emissions. Variations in fuel composition affect the viscosity and temperature of the combustion process. Controlling viscosity at this time is essential.

The MIVI process viscometer and its control interface instantly ensure a correct and constant viscosity, in line, by activating the heating element, which stabilizes viscosity variations. The MIVI viscometer is robust and reliable over time. It has no moving parts, so it requires no maintenance.

use of viscometers
Viscosity application for heavy fuels, oils and petroleum

The installation of a MIVI sensor in a central heating boiler with mechanical spraying has resulted in stabilization of combustion parameters of the order of 1% and fuel consumption savings of more than 1%. In standard combustion processes, the Sofraser MIVI viscometer provides a return on investment in less than 4 months.

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