Sofraser’s viscosity sensors robustness

Sofraser MIVI

Sofraser’s patented principle

Thanks to the vibrating principle, viscometer made in Sofraser are extremely reliable. They also are high quality and don’t have any moving and wear parts which means our customers can use it for years and sometimes decades maintenance-free, even used continuously.

Sofraser sometimes gets calls from clients we haven’t heard about in 10 years and sometimes more for check-in or documentation.

The practical case

And that is the story of a MIVI we manufactured in 1999 that was sent to Sweden through our distributor based there. Their viscometer is a MIVI sensor, with wetted parts in 316L SS, with its incorporated temperature probe, used in a safe area and matched with a 6002 processor. It still is operating today and we heard about it after 15 years of continuous operation.

sofraser sensor robustness
Sofraser’s robust MIVI

The application for this customer is the monitoring of a coating solution for paper. Monitoring viscosity and using the information for adjusting process conditions prevents unexpected results such as roughness or blistering.

The MIVI was still in good condition but needed a cleaning and a measuring range increase.

The customer trusted Sofraser, expertise 23 years ago and obtained fast ROI and TCO thanks to the MIVI. As a result of Sofraser maintenance, will continue to work for many years.

What are the viscometer MIVI’s advantages?

Inserting the vibrating needles in their process drastically reduced their loss and optimized their quality. The MIVI provides an instantaneous and efficient measurement of dynamic or kinematic viscosity, density, concentration, phase detection, etc.

The MIVI sensor has been eco-designed therefore is robust, repairable, and recyclable.

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