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Award for the Loiret Trophy

Sofraser, a member of Ana Bell Group, is proud to have been awarded two departmental and national prizes, including the Loiret trophy, in the social commitment category.

This prize is awarded to a company that promotes inclusion, quality of life at work, implements an energy, environmental or CSR transition plan, adopts a company travel plan and carries out concrete actions towards a strong societal commitment.

This award recognizes 20 years of community service by the Ana Bell Group and its members, including its environmental commitments.

This award is given to the whole group:

SOFRASER, a pioneer in process viscosity measurement, designs, manufactures and markets measurement equipment enabling its customers to control their production in order to minimize material consumption and waste.

SOFRASER MAINTENANCE, maintenance for energy efficiency and cleaning of industrial installations allows its customers to remove insulating deposits in the creation and heat exchange installations, reducing fuel consumption, polluting emissions and extending the life of the installations.

ANAEL, distributor of online measurement and analysis instruments, allowing industries to control their production in order to minimize materials consumed and waste and to continuously monitor the regulatory and environmental compliance of their releases.