The 9100 transmitter

the 9100 transmitter

The creation of the 9100 transmitter

When designing our brand new 9100, our engineers had one thing in mind: “How can we make our new transmitter a state-of-the-art measurement instrument that is easy to install and manipulate?”

And they found the solution: the 9100 transmitter offers measurement technology made in Sofraser with a DIN rail mounting.

The new transmitter maintains the vibration of the MIVI sensor, processes its signal and provides instantaneous and continuous viscosity and temperature measurement.

The features

It can be mounted on a standard DIN rail and is easy to handle for a constant display of both viscosity and temperature.

The transmitter has complementary features such has the choice of the units and the activation of a correlation table. It connects easily to data acquisition system or process controller for a precise reporting and control with analog and digital outputs. The raw data of the sensor can be displayed and current outputs checked easily on field diagnosis.

The typical application fields of the transmitter are: food processing, printing, packaging, coating and mixing, don’t hesitate to contact us to know if your industry is a fit!

 Why choose Sofraser technology

Sofraser is a pioneer in viscometry since 1972 with the invention of the very first viscometer at resonance frequency and never stopped innovating.

Its strong R&D department, composed of passionate experts in the field, provides the latest innovation that enhance production methods to meet client’s needs and increase their performance while reducing their material consumption, waste and environmental impact.

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