Sofraser winner of the CSR Challenge Trophy

Sofraser, as a member Ana Bell Group is proud to have been awarded the CSR Challenge Trophy in the environmental category.

In the early 2000s, we pioneered the Global Performance of the Young Leaders Centre (CJD) and AFNOR’s 1000NR approach.

This trophy, more than just certifications, is a strong signal for us that our commitments are consistent and bring real added value to the region.

For Sofraser, more than 65% of supplies are local (nearer and/or more sustainable purchasing policy). Supplier evaluation criteria take into account remoteness and CSR commitments.

Our viscometers, eco-designed to be as robust as possible, reusable, fully removable and recyclable, have been operating 24/7 for decades. They are the best ambassadors of our CSR commitment, and allow us to control the manufacturing processes in order to ensure the final quality result and minimize the materials consumed and waste.

For 15 years, our consumption has been monitored and analyzed. We are taking actions to save resources: installation of a geothermal system, insulation, replacement of the opening, precise monitoring of consumption by use, creation of an energy reference. Actions already taken have led to a 30% reduction in energy consumption and a 50% reduction in water consumption. We reuse cartons for packaging and never buy cushions but use shredded paper. And to limit transport-related emissions, we favor short-circuit shopping, teleworking, remote after-sales service and cycling. We have defined a rule favoring the train over the car or the plane.

CSR policies are a real issue for the future of companies and this trophy is an opportunity to inspire other companies to embark on a CSR policy. It brings real added value to the actions carried out by the company and its teams. We believe that another business model is possible. A model of sharing values, space, skills and knowledge. At Sofraser, we believe in circularity and the virtuous circle of cooperation.

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