How do Sofraser viscometers help industries to reduce their environmental impact?

viscometer help industries to reduce their environmental impact

For over 40 years, Sofraser has been offering environmentally friendly process viscometers.

At Sofraser, Sustainable and eco-designed, the company has chosen to manufacture its measuring instruments with components purchased as close as possible.

By bringing resonant frequency vibration technology into robust and easy-to-integrate systems, Sofraser’s viscometers ensure a quick return on investment for the various processes in the industry, thanks to continuous and instantaneous viscosity measurement.

The MIVI viscometer allows you to reduce waste and control resource consumption by monitoring the industrial process. You limit your impact on the environment by optimizing your processes: less resources, less pollution.

Eco-designed, the sensors do not cause discharges into the air, water and soil. With a very low energy consumption, the viscometer guarantees an optimization of the energy needs.

The MIVI sensor is also very economical. It has no wearing parts and requires little maintenance. Durable and repairable, some viscometers work perfectly after more than forty years of service. In addition, these instruments are fully recyclable.

Make sustainable choices. By choosing Sofraser, you are already reducing your impact on the environment.

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