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Managing shampoo viscosity

shampoo viscosity

The shampoo industry

In the cosmetic industry, and in the hair product in particular, viscosity is closely monitored to ensure the consistency, density, malleability and fluidity of products.

The industry faces the challenge to combine high quality product with optimized resources and time. That is why measuring instruments are implemented on the process: to optimize it and control the product’s final quality.

Measuring the viscosity of shampoo is an important part of quality control. To meet customers’ expectations, the liquid has to be applied easily to the hair and skull while still giving a “rich” feeling.

It is highly important for both the customer and the manufacturer to have a shampoo with a good balance between a rich feeling and a good application to the skin.

Thickness and flow properties are directly linked to viscosity and influence the cleansing efficiency, users’ perception, foaming properties, production filling, packaging, storage, and long-term stability. Assuring good viscosity on a batch of shampoo decreases the risks all through the process. 

Identifying critical viscosity operations and the causes of viscosity changes improves ingredient production management and reduces overall process time.


Sofraser’s viscometers solutions for shampoo viscosity

The MIVI can be used to measure the viscosity of all types of liquid and viscous samples and it is the most suitable instrument with its wide choice of electronic interfaces.

Classic MIVI

Thanks to the inline viscometer’s data throughout the all process line, customers acquire the ability to optimize and automate the mixing process, the real-time display of data helps you make sure you control the batch as closely as possible.

A process viscometer helps, saves laboratory measurements and reduces batching time, resulting in more production. I also helps you determine unexpected events during the whole batch process, enabling you to have complete traceability of the production 

Designed to determine the viscosity at high shear rate, the MIVI comes in various forms, from a basic, to a sanitary to a hygienic EHEDG design version.

Sanitary MIVI

This viscometer guarantees the irreproachable quality of your final product while respecting the hygiene requirements and thus meeting the latest European standards.

Sofraser’s 50 years of expertise and great track record of decade-lasting sensors allows our clients from all around the world to closely monitor and improve their processes without worry.