Process viscometer solution for powdered milk manufacturing optimization

process viscometer solution for powered milk manufacturing optimization

Spray drying after concentration is commonly used for the manufacturing of powdered milk. Atomization is a crucial step of the process and viscosity measurement provides valuable information relating subsequent powdered formula characteristics. Bad spray drying parameters impact production efficiency and have various consequences such as unstable finished product quality, out of specification moisture rate, process issues and energy wastes.

Powdered milk viscosity measurement in real-time

With a MIVI sensor installed before atomization, viscosity measurement provides continuous and real-time control of a quality characteristic.

Some key product characteristics of this viscometer configuration are:

  • 3A sanitary mounting design
  • Clean-in-place (CIP)
  • High pressure capabilities
  • Ease of installation

Inline viscosity monitoring of powdered milk improves manufacturing by optimizing the homogeneity of dehydrated matter, creating consistent reconstituted products, increasing yields and reducing losses.

Only taking into account energy savings linked to spraying optimization, the installation of one MIVI sensor on a milk spray drying manufacturing line improved savings by 1%, reaching a ROI in less than 6 months.

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