Inline viscosimeter solutions for melted cheese process industries

Inline viscometer solutions for melted cheese process industries

Due to multiple raw ingredients suppliers, variations and inconsistencies must be corrected. Cooking, mixing, speed, and duration must be highly exact in order to achieve compatible viscosity and the final, desired texture. For this case, we will use processed cheese as an example.

Cooking application; viscosity measurement for melted cheese

When melting salts are added to other ingredients, the melted cheese consistency changes and it can be too thick or too thin. When either occurs, manufacturing process face frequent downtime due to unpredictable product variations. Ultimately, final product quality is not met.

Sofraser Inline viscosimeter solutions for cheese process industries

A MIVI process viscometer paired with its associated processor easily monitors melted cheese during the manufacturing and maturation processes by determining its physical characteristics and correlating them directly to viscosity. One of the MIVI viscometer significant characteristics is the 3A design sanitary mounting which eliminates bacteria proliferation. The viscometer is cleaned in place so there is no need to uninstall it from the process.

In order to achieve consistent end-product quality and to maintain zero customer claims regarding product consistency, the installation of a MIVI process viscometer achieves all aspects of production efficiency by determining ideal operation characteristics. Since the MIVI corrects ingredient variations and increases savings, ROI is generally realized within six months of the installation.

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