John Heidenreich from Inventech through our camera

John Heidenreich

John: My name is John Heidenreich and I work for Inventech Benelux from the Netherlands

Interviewer: Fr how long have you been working with Sofraser?

John: We have been officially working for Sofraser since 2004 but we started working with you since 2001

Interviewer: What’s make you proud to work with Sofraser?

John: Well, there are a lot of things that make me proud but one of them is that we can contribute to selling your products in the Netherlands and together with Sofraser we can built a good part of the economics and helping customers create and expend their businesses

A partnership with John Heidenreich since 2001

Inventech is Sofraser’s choice partner in the Netherlands since 2001 and John Heidenreich, its president, hit the road to meet Sofraser’s team on the occasion of our 50th anniversary where he attended our special event.

Over the years an extensive trust and a true partnership was built between our two companies. We are delighted of the collaboration with have and developed along the 20 years since our very first meeting.

While celebrating our jubilee, they gave us a trophy present that we gladly accepted. We hope John’s interview pictures well the mutual and smooth collaboration we built.

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